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"Explore the best areas where wild horses & wildlife live."
Relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset with the wild ponies.
Wild pony watching cruises take you to see many herds of wild ponies in remote areas along Assateague Island!
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Enjoy a large variety of migratory bird species. See bald eagles, black skimmers, oystercatchers and more.
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Original Wild Pony Wildlife Cruise & Kayaking
Discover hidden Assateague on the Wild Pony Watching wildlife cruise or kayaking. Departs from Chincoteague, Virginia, next to the beautiful southern part of Assateague.

Cruise & Kayak daily:
April - Oct
Off season cruises are also available

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U.S. Coast Guard certified boat with native captain & crew. Awesome kayaking with wild horses & birdwatching. Travel to spectacular natural settings where wild horses, migratory birds, dolphins and majestic bald eagles are seen along with the Assateague Lighthouse. Venture into Assateague Island's wildlife refuge where wild ponies live. You will learn about wild ponies and their behavior as you explore Assateague's beauty and solitude.

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We know how to get you where wild ponies live!
Embark on an exciting journey of discovery as you witness diverse wildlife, marine life & breathtaking scenery. Cruise along the islands on the Coast Guard certified vessel "Misty".

You can come close to nature's most awesome herds of wild horses in many remote areas where they have lived for hundreds of years along miles of Assateague Island. Get your best view of Assateague's lighthouse and have a great chance of seeing bald eagles, dolphins & other wildlife along miles of the refuge. Experience wild horses and all Assateague Island has to offer. Visitors to Chincoteague and Assateague that do the boat & kayaking say: "This was the highlight of our vacation, boat was certified for enough capacity so our family could stay together, top quality kayaks & close location."

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Let us show you the real Assateague. Assateague visitors often drive to the island and say "Where are the wild ponies?" Assateague Island National Seashore has miles of fence along the roadways to keep wild horses away from the roads and back in their natural habitat. About 95% of the wild ponies are found far away from the roads. The pony sighting trip takes you where wild ponies live.

Assateague Island has an array of remote areas where we consistently watch wild ponies. The Pony Express Nature Cruise makes seeing wild ponies easy. A fun family vacation in Virginia and most recommended way to explore Assateague. The Assateague boat tour & kayaking operate April - Oct. Off season cruise is also available. Enjoy birding and dolphin watching along Assateague's calm back waters. Travel to the best areas on the informative boat excursion. Enjoy the boat tour & the kayaking tour while you are here. Kayaking in Virginia is awesome. Our kayak guides make sure you get to the best areas where the wild horses and wildlife are.

Assateague Kayak TripYour boat captain is a former Park Ranger for the National Park Service, has worked for the Park Service at Assateague Island and is a native of Chincoteague Island. His grandfather had a starring role in the movie "Misty" of Chincoteague and his parents were classmates of the two children that the book "Misty of Chincoteague" was written about. His grandfather's horse also played "The Phantom" in the movie "Misty". Captain Mark was featured on the Good Morning America show as the pioneer of Pony Watching by boat. He takes you to the remote areas of Assateague where his great-great grandparents once lived. Your Captain's family has been in this area for hundreds of years. He is the best at getting you into Assateague's secluded areas where wild ponies and other wildlife live. He started working as a boat captain here in 1986 and has taken more visitors to see Assateague's wild ponies and wildlife than anyone. His local knowledge includes over 30 years of coastal exploration along Assateague & Chincoteague Island - pony watching and birding. Captain Mark is a nature photographer on the boat, you can see his art prints of wild horses and nature at his website:

Our native captain can get you there!Wild ponies, bald eagles, falcons, osprey, shore birds, dolphins, sting rays and much more exist among the incredible maze of inlets, islands, coves, bays and peninsulas. Extraordinary bird watching occurs during each day here in Virginia. This is your best possible way to see the wild horses in the areas they like the most. Horses, birds & dolphins are seen anytime of day. Miles of pristine waterways exist to explore during your vacation and Assateague Explorer gets you there.

Cruise on the Coast Guard inspected passenger vessel "Misty", equipped with restroom and certified for enough capacity so families stay together. Assateague Explorer's newest tour boat is 40ft with twin engines, ideally suited for Chincoteague and Assateague's environment. Paddle in our premium kayaks and venture deep into the refuge to enjoy its wildlife and scenery in a quiet, peaceful setting. Since 2001, visitors have enjoyed our thrilling adventure. It's the way to fully appreciate the beauty of Assateague.

Get ready to search for wild horses, birds, dolphins and other wildlife. Enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise with the ponies and dolphins. Explore Assateague Island's unspoiled beauty, solitude and natural attractions aboard Assateague Explorer's "Misty" or by kayaking. Come and visit this awesome family travel destination in Virginia.

Assateague Explorer is dedicated to the preservation of Assateague Island National Seashore and to providing educational and recreational access to these treasures.

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ABC Good Morning America show recently featured a story on Assateague Explorer

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Pony Express Nature Cruise : 9:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm & Sunset* (varies during season)
Sunset Wildlife Cruise : Departure time varies during season
Bird Watching Cruise : 9:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm & Sunset* (varies during season)
Kayak Tour : 8:30am,1:30am & Sunset* (varies during season)
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> Reserve online or call (757) 336-5956 or (757) 894-2932 for reservations.
An advanced reservation is highly recommended.
> Cruise & Kayak: April - October 7 days a week. Off-season tours are also available.
> The schedule is subject to change.
> Boat Tour duration: approx. 1 1/2 - 2 hours
> Kayak Tour duration: approx. 2 1/2 hours
> If you have a large group, we have group discounts for the Pony Express Nature Tour, Bird Watching Tour & Kayaking Tour.
Boat Tour: $59    (Pony Express / Sunset Wildlife / Birding Cruise)
Children get $10 off (11 & under).
Children under 3 are FREE.
Kayak Tour: $79
Children under 12 receive a $10 discount.
* 6% fee will be applied to all the card transactions.
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