Assateague wild ponies - Discover hidden Assateague where they live.
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Assateague Explorer's captain is a Chincoteague Island native that can take you to Assateague's hidden areas!

Pony Express Nature Cruise
Cruise along Assateague where wild ponies live
When you are on Assateague Explorer's Pony Express Nature Cruise, you visit the areas where you have the greatest chance of seeing wild ponies on your vacation. Departs from Chincoteague Island, VA, located next to the beautiful southern part of Assateague & the wildlife refuge. Assateague Ponies are unique and have lived in solitude over 400 years. Different bands of horses are dispersed along the island. Ponies that live in the Virginia half of Assateague bear about 60-80 foals each summer. Besides the legendary wild ponies, this place is also known for an excellent bird watching. We see bald eagles almost every day. Dolphins love the area and are frequently seen during summer and early fall.

Over 300 wild ponies live along 40,000 acres of Assateague Island and often, few of these wild ponies can be seen from the road by visitors on vacation. Assateague's main road has miles of fence placed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which keeps the wild ponies far back in their natural habitat. The pony watching cruise takes you to Assateague's most beautiful areas where over 150 wild ponies live. Assateague Island is an unspoiled vast ecosystem of forests, wetlands, beaches and calm waterways. Check out the tour photos & videos YouTube.

The only way to see hidden Assateague

Assateague wild ponies thrive along Assateague's extensive 37 mile tranquil Western shoreline of bays, secluded creeks and pine forests. Assateague ponies are found feeding on salt marsh cordgrass and this grass attracts them to many shoreline areas along Assateague Island where we find bands of wild horses. Wild horses & wildlife can appear at any time.

The captain is a Chincoteague Island native, former Park Ranger & pioneer of pony watching by boat. He has an extensive knowledge of the area and Assateague's Wild Ponies and has taken thousands of visitors to Assateague Island's remote places to experience what people were not able to see before. Visitors in the past could not reach these secluded regions where Assateague's horses live. The wild ponies and their young are seen close up on a daily basis. Visitors say it's the highlight of their vacation.

Assateague Explorer tour boat
The 40ft twin engine Coast Guard certified vessel "Misty" with restroom.
USCG Inspected Vessel
Assateague Explorer's 40ft boat "Misty" is a Coast Guard certified inspected vessel. A Coast Guard Certified vessel undergoes stability tests, periodic inspections at various phases of construction, and annual safety inspection by the coast guard each year. Assateague Explorer has other tour boats as well.
Pony Express Nature Cruise departs from Chincoteague Island, Virginia (be sure to call ahead for reservations). The Virginia half of Assateague is the most scenic with more to see including the Assateague Lighthouse & Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy horses with foals, shore birds & bald eagles. Dolphins are seen by boat during the summer and early fall. Assateague wild ponies have roamed these hidden areas of this 37 mile island since the 1600's and you will enjoy the experience of being a part of this unique environment in Virginia.
Departs daily at 9:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm & Sunset*
Tour duration approx. 1 1/2 - 2 hours
Daily tour to see wild ponies & wildlife operates 7 days a week Mid March-November.
Off season cruise are also available.
The schedule is subject to change.
*See Sunset departures.
Adults $59
Children 11 & under  get $10 off
Children under 3 are FREE
6% fee will be applied to the card transactions.
Combo discounts: Reserve two tours (cruise or kayak tour) and get 10% off on the second tour.
or call (757) 336-5956 or (757) 894-2932 to make a reservation.
An advanced reservation is highly recommended.

Cruise departs from Chincoteague Island, Virginia, next to the beautiful southern part of Assateague. The Assateague Explorer captain and/or crew will meet you 10-15 minutes early at Curtis Merritt Harbor at the furthest left side at dock #3. (Be sure to reserve online or call now for reservations.)

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• Private charter, group, cruise & kayak packages available.
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The best parts of Assateague where horses & wildlife live.
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You can also reserve the Sunset Cruise or Kayaking Tour or to experience more herds of wild ponies & wildlife during your Virginia vacation to Chincoteague & Assateague Island. Chincoteague & Assateague's top visitor attraction
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