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Chincoteague Island, Virginia
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Chincoteague Island, Virginia is located by the most scenic parts of Assateague - where wild ponies roam. Chincoteague is just minutes from Assateague's beach. Travel from Chincoteague to the National Wildlife Refuge. Pony watching, bird watching and other outdoor activities compliment your vacation here. Chincoteague is home of the Chincoteague Pony Swim. Visit Chincoteague for a family vacation, romantic getaway and more...
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Chincoteague Island, Virginia
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Best time to visit? Wild Pony Watching Wildlife Cruises Mid May to October See foals at this time & more...
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Chincoteague Island, located on Virginia's Eastern Shore, is the only resort island in Virginia.

Chincoteague Island is one of several barrier islands in this part of Virginia, the largest being Assateague Island. Chincoteague is 7 miles long and Assateague is 37 miles long. The "Wild Ponies" and children's book "Misty of Chincoteague" are what Chincoteague Island is best known for. Dolphins and other marine creatures inhabit Chincoteague's tranquil waters and here you'll find an abundance of migratory birds throughout the year.

Chincoteague Island offers you the best access to the undeveloped beaches of Assateague Island and miles of protected waterways to explore. One of the best ways to see the inaccessible part of this region is via Assateague Explorer Cruise. A nature lover and photographer's paradise, Chincoteague is a great place to visit. The Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Assateague Island National Seashore provide many forms of recreation. Enjoy bird watching, nature cruise, biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming and more. Great tasting oysters and clams are legendary at Chincoteague.

A popular family vacation spot, Chincoteague Island has something to offer for every visitor. The Assateague bridge (built in 1962) provides vehicle access from Chincoteague to Assateague Island. Enjoy an incredible Assateague sunrise or sunset, the crashing waves of the Atlantic and beautiful sands of its unspoiled beaches. Chincoteague is near some of the most pristine waters in the state. Outdoor recreation and marine adventures await.

Wildlife Photos - Art Prints & Gifts

A visit to Chincoteague lets you experience the wild ponies and one of the most beautiful areas along the East Coast.

Chincoteague Island, VA
Assateague Island Visitor Services
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