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The Delmarva fox squirrel was listed as an endangered species by the Fish & Wildlife Service in 1967, but can still be found on Assateague Island. Visitors encounter Delmarva fox squirrels and gray squirrels in the loblolly pine tree forest of Assateague. The Delmarva fox squirrel weighs up to three pounds and is larger than a gray squirrel. Their diet usually includes roots, insects, tree buds, mast, pine seeds, and bird eggs.

Female fox squirrels usually produce their first litter at 1 year of age and normally have two litters a year (each litter size is usually three). They prefer to use tree dens while raising their young, but will also use leafnests. The Delmarva fox squirrel can live to be 6 years old in the wild. Serious threats are posed from timber harvest and increased residential development

Other interesting facts:

- The Delmarva fox squirrel can use its bushy tail as a blanket to wrap around itself during cold weather at Assateague.

- Over 300 kinds of squirrels exist worldwide. Many are found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia.

- President Theodore Roosevelt had pet flying squirrels in the White House.

Delmarva fox squirrel
(Sciurus niger cinereus)

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