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Assateague Lighthouse: Visitors are welcome inside to enjoy the view!!

When you visit Assateague on your next vacation, be sure to travel to the top of the famous landmark which serves as an active lighthouse. The extraordinary view includes Chincoteague Island, Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge, Assateague beach, Atlantic Ocean, Wallops Island and portions of the Eastern Shore of Virginia and Maryland. Assateague wild ponies and other wildlife can be seen from above.
Assateague Lighthouse light

The Assateague Lighthouse has a distinctive sequence of light shining, a double flash, which sets it apart from other east coast lighthouses. An automatic timer starts the process each evening. Visitors can get a close-up view of the twin rotating lights and the surrounding area. Access to the top of the lighthouse is permitted seven days a week from June to September.

Lighthouse view
Views from the Assateague Lighthouse facing north. The Assateague bridge and inland waterway.
A View of Chincoteague from Assateague Lighthouse
Inside the Assateague Lighthouse
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